NFFS Academy  is an online e-learning portal developed to provide cutting edge technical training programs to foundry industry employers and their workforce. The Academy provides immediate access to 120+ technical courses, covering multiple manufacturing disciplines, materials and manufacturing processes. The list of subjects is extensive, and more courses will be added regularly. NFFS members receive extended course access and pay only $65 per course, a discounts of 35-80% over public pricing for these same courses.

NFFS Academy provides relevant, user-friendly courses that are accessible online 24/7. The courses are self-paced, self-guided, and interactive with visually engaging graphics. Concepts can be immediately applied in examples and assessments, and every course completed will be added to a transcript, with printable Certificates of Completion. These cost-effective courses will provide a strong foundation in terminology and concepts, as well as application-based topics to instill confidence on the job, increase informed decision making, and assist in troubleshooting more efficiently. This library is a perfect asset whether you are just starting out, being cross-trained, or looking to up-skill your current situation. Just log in and start learning!

Corporate Pricing Now Available
NFFS is pleased to announce the addition of a Corporate Pricing program for NFFS Academy online training courses. The program is designed for larger member companies who intend to purchase access to 100 or more courses per year through the NFFS Academy.  The Corporate Pricing program provides participating companies with flat rate pricing on a set quantity of courses, further discounting the already low NFFS member price of $65 per course. If you would like more information about the NFFS Academy Corporate Pricing program, contact Jerrod Weaver at (847) 299-0950 or [email protected].



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If you need assistance with creating accounts to the NFFS website or the NFFS Academy, we are more than happy to walk through the process with you! Simply contact NFFS at (847) 299-0950 or [email protected].

As part of the NFFS Academy program, NFFS, THORS eLearning Solutions, and The University of Akron have partnered to offer Certificate of Completion programs in multiple manufacturing disciplines such as mobility, mechanical power transmission, metal castings, forging, engineering drawings, and quality. The courses are developed with the cooperation of subject matter experts from world-class manufacturing companies and insights from renowned individuals across various industry domains.

The Certificate of Completion Programs provide a solid foundation with comprehensive coverage on a particular manufacturing discipline that can help employers speed up new employee onboarding, or help give a competitive edge to existing team members on the job. These programs will empower individuals from across the globe to obtain a certificate from a renowned university in the United States. Upon successful completion of the exam, the learner will receive an official University issued Certificate of Completion. Current certificate programs include:

  • Green Sand Molding for Aluminum Foundries
  • Engineering Drawing Fundamentals
  • Machining Fundamentals
  • Metal Forming Fundamentals

Additional foundry-specific Certificate of Completion programs are currently in the development process. Each certificate of completion program bundle is made up of a curated collection of courses that can be completed in approximately 15 hours. These courses are developed with the cooperation of subject matter experts from world-class manufacturing companies and insights from renowned individuals across various industry domains. The courses have been developed utilizing robust instructional design practices – they are visually appealing to the modern learner and highly interactive to promote learner engagement. 


This is a partial listing. View the full list here.

Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing Stereolithography

Aluminum Melting Fundamentals
Bonded Sand Fundamentals 
Bonded Sand Iron Casting Basics
Bonded Sand: Horizontally Parted Molds
Bonded Sand: Mold Patterns 
Bonded Sand: Vertically Parted Molds
Charge Calculation for Cast Irons
Chemically Bonded Sand Basics
Cupola Furnace Fundamentals
Cupola Furnace Operations
Cupola Furnace Troubleshooting and Techniques
Foundry Cleaning Room Equipment
Gating and Risering Basics
Gravity Die Casting Basics
Green Sand Defect Analysis
Green Sand Equipment and Process Control
Green Sand Properties
Green Sand System Testing
High Pressure Die Casting Basics
Investment Casting Basics
Iron Melting Fundamentals
Low Pressure Die Casting Basics
Quality Inspection for Steel Castings
Vacuum Process Fundamentals

Engineering Drawings
Engineering Drawings Fundamentals 
Engineering Drawings for Castings 
Engineering Drawings for Machining 

Heat Treating
Heat Treating Basics (available in Spanish) 
Heat Treating Processes and Equipment 
Heat Treating Safety 
Heat Treating Testing and Defects

Industrial Safety
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selection 
Precision Grinding: Abrasive Wheel Safety

Industry 4.0
Automation Basics 
Internet of Things: Manufacturing 
Sensors: Measurement Concepts
Robotics Fundamentals

Injection Molding
Injection Molding Process 
Injection Molding Terminology 
Injection Molding Troubleshooting

Manufacturing Excellence
5S Workplace Organization Method 
Contingency Planning Fundamentals
Purchase Order Fundamentals
Value Analysis and Value Engineering

Aluminum Fundamentals: Castings 
Destructive Metallurgical Testing 
Non-Destructive Testing 

Metal Cutting
Cylindrical Grinding Fundamentals 
Cylindrical Grinding Process Strategy 
Fixturing Fundamentals for Machining 
Hole Process Fundamentals 
Machine Tool Fundamentals
Surface Process Fundamentals 
Turning Tool and Process Basics 

7QC Tools: Check Sheets 
7QC Tools: Control Charts 
7QC Tools: Fishbone Diagrams 
7QC Tools: Histograms 
7QC Tools: Pareto Charts 
7QC Tools: Scatter Diagrams 
7QC Tools: Stratification 

8D Problem-Solving Basics 
Affinity Diagrams 
Measurements: Basic Concepts 
Measurements: Measurement Math 
Measurements: Measuring Processes 
Measurements: Measuring Tools 
Process Flow Diagrams 
Shop Math: Fractions

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