NFFS Joins AFS and NAM in Opposing Tax Increases on U.S. Metalcasters

In September, NFFS participated in signing two separate letters to Congress to express its concerns about the budget reconciliation package and the significant tax increases it contains for American foundries. The package would raise top corporate rates to 26.5%, reduce the pass-thru deduction, increase marginal rates on small business and more. 

In addition, the budget reconciliation package contains many elements of the PRO Act which would severely undermine existing labor law across the country. NFFS is proud to have joined the American Foundry Society (AFS) multi-association letter to Congress in opposition to the proposed tax increases, and to have joined with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) in addressing significant issues regarding tax policy and labor law within the proposed budget reconciliation proposal. 

The NFFS Government Affairs Committee appreciates the opportunity to work with its strong coalition of partners to protect and defend the concerns and interests of the nonferrous metal casting industry.