NFFS and ICI Announce Joint Effort to Improve Investment Casting Supply Chain for DoD

NFFS is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Investment Casting Institute (ICI) in support of the Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON) program and its mission to assist the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) with the reestablishment of capable supply chains for defense and military related metal castings.

Investment castings are among the most difficult items for our government to obtain from its supply base. Reviewing the thousands of bid solicitations issued daily is time consuming and a barrier to participation for all but a few of the industry’s largest casting suppliers. 

To address this need, NFFS and ICI have partnered to provide ICON program capabilities to ICI members effective immediately. The goal is to increase the number of investment casting foundries participating in the supply chain for our nation’s defense and military customers. Specific efforts will be taken to identify existing defense-related investment casting tooling, and to identify specific material and process capabilities for investment casting foundries. This information will be used to drive significant DoD and DLA business opportunities to ICI members and the investment casting industry.

NFFS Executive Director Jerrod Weaver said: “The Integrated Casting Order Network is a unique partnership between Defense Logistics Agency and the foundry industry. ICI, the nation’s investment casting trade association, is the perfect strategic partner to help the DLA engage with more investment foundries, ultimately to the benefit of this country’s warfighters and the foundries that support them.”

ICI Executive Director Joseph Fritz commented: “The ICI is very pleased to team with NFFS in its deployment of ICON, and is appreciative to have this opportunity to serve our country while simultaneously offering ICI members a valuable benefit.”