New Member Handbooks Released, Available at

Over the past several months, the Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society has released multiple new and enhanced member benefits, including: 

  • NFFS Academy, a cutting-edge online technical training program offering University-backed certificate programs;
  • NFFS Shipping through TForce Worldwide, featuring discounted rates and a convenient online transportation management platform for all of your shipping needs;
  • Digital Advertising opportunities for Associate members looking to reach a foundry-specific audience online using ad retargeting;
  • Extensive enhancements to the Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON) program, with new features including contract management, inventory management, new search capabilities, and direct messaging;
  • A new website featuring a modernized, mobile-friendly design and members-only access to discounted pricing for events and webinars, employee and company profiles, and archived content and publications.  

To reflect these exciting changes, NFFS has released new member handbooks for both foundry members and Associate members, which contain detailed information and step-by-step instructions on how to access all of the benefits of membership. These new handbooks can be accessed at the following pages of the NFFS website (note that you must be signed in to your member account to access these documents):

If you would prefer a handbook sent to you by e-mail, contact  NFFS at (847) 299-0950 or