Replace Lost Sales Using the Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON) Program

The COVID-19 economic shutdown has caused significant disruption in the volume of foundry orders since it began nearly five months ago. Many non-ferrous foundries are reporting a drop in sales volumes in the range of 25–35% or more. As traditional customers and order quantities slowly start to recover, many foundries are now looking for new customers to help fill available manufacturing capacity.

As part of that strategy, foundries should consider developing the capability to support the defense and military markets in the United States. This market exceeds $2 billion in volume per year, and can help provide a recurring source of orders for your foundry.

The Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society’s Integrated Casting Order Network program, or ICON, delivers sales opportunities to foundries on a daily basis on behalf of the Department of Defense and the Defense Logistics Agency. Foundry participants have the ability to enter their facility’s production capabilities into the program so that they receive only solicitations that match their capabilities and interests.

Earlier this summer, over $12 million dollars in sales opportunities were made available to foundries in just under one week’s time. Just this week, the program saw another release of over a million dollars in solicitations in a few days.

If you are considering expanding your customer markets to drive additional sales volume into your foundry, please contact ICON Program Manager Sheila Rayburn at or visit for more information and to register to receive daily notices of casting sales opportunities.