Next-Gen Committee Plans Events and Education Sessions for NFFS Members

The mission of the NFFS Next-Gen Committee is to gather the “next generation” of foundry leadership within the Society, provide them with a vehicle for input into the Society’s programs and services, and serve as an added resource to assist the association staff. The committee is under the new leadership of Jason Mugford of Bunting Bearings, and he has been working to reinvigorate the committee and establish a variety of programs and events that the committee will be responsible for implementing. Jason wrote the following letter to introduce the committee to the NFFS membership.

Hello NFFS Members!

The NFFS Next-Gen Committee is planning for when travel restrictions have eased and we can begin the programs we want to implement for the benefit of NFFS members. Our intention is to host “Mini Industry Executive Conferences” that would be one day for each event.  Our goal is to develop educational sessions that the committee members will present to the next group of leaders in this industry, giving them new tools to use to help improve the companies for whom they work.  Additionally, these programs can be beneficial networking functions that can introduce your next future managers to see perspectives they may not get in their home company.  

On Thursday, September 10th, the Next-Gen Committee will be meeting via Zoom to begin developing the educational programs we would like to offer during these events. We are still looking for additional members for the committee that feel they can provide insight on various topics that benefit the operations of the NFFS member companies.  If anyone would like to volunteer, or you know someone you think would be a great fit for this committee, please contact the NFFS staff.

Thank you,

Jason R. Mugford
Bunting Bearings, LLC
Next-Gen Committee Chair