NFFS Announces New Associate Member Benefit―Digital Advertising

During this unprecedented time where business travel and face-to-face meetings, including the 2021 Industry Executive Conference, have been cancelled, businesses are left with the tough task of maintaining and growing their businesses with fewer sales and marketing tools at their disposal. Now more than ever, foundry leaders are turning to NFFS for the resources, perspective, reassurance and foresight needed to address a new set of business challenges in a transformed environment. With this in mind, NFFS has announced the addition of a new member benefit, digital advertising opportunities, for Associate Members, a group that includes a wide variety of foundry industry suppliers and service providers.

As the leading voice, resource and network for non-ferrous foundries, NFFS has a wide audience of members, subscribers, event attendees, and prospects. This audience is now accessible to members in the broadest forum possible―the internet. Through a targeted digital advertising campaign, your company’s messaging can be seen by our audience tens of thousands of times...guaranteed! 

Here’s all you need to do to participate: Create ads in the three most common sizes seen throughout the internet, decide where you’d like to direct viewers who click on your ad (usually your company’s home page), and choose a package of ten, fifteen, or twenty thousand “impressions,” or views. For details and pricing, download the digital advertising brochure at

BONUS: Through February 15th, 2021, Associate Members will receive a FREE basic digital advertising package (valued at $1,000) which offers 10,000 ad views over 60 days. This offer and all digital advertising opportunities are only available to NFFS Associate Members, so if you would like to take advantage of this valuable opportunity, simply download the Associate Membership Application at to join today!