NFFS Welcomes New Member Company Dee Foundries, Inc.

NFFS is pleased to announce that Dee Foundries has joined the Society. Please join us in welcoming them to NFFS!

Dee Foundries
2408 Everett St.
Houston, TX 77009-7806
Phone: (713) 817-4219

Dee Foundries, Inc. was established in Houston, Texas in 1934 and is a manufacturer of sand castings produced from a variety of bronze and aluminum alloys. 

The company has over 60 years of experience in the design and production of fluid cylinders for plunger pump applications. They specialize in the production of difficult and complex castings in the following alloys: C-863, C-865, C-875, C-952, C-954, C-955, C-958, 319, 355, A-356, 356, and 535.

Dee Foundries has three separate but associated foundries: 

  • A “Green Sand Foundry” with its own overhead sand system, molding machines, furnaces and room for bench work. The castings produced in this shop are usually “small” (under 50 lbs. each).
  • A “No-Bake Foundry” with handling facilities, furnaces and equipment to produce copper-base alloy castings up to 4,500 lbs. rough weight.
  • A “Medium No-Bake mixer” for cores and medium size castings up to 100 lbs. each.

Dee Foundries also has a complete core room facility, producing cores using the shell core process, as well as an in-house pattern department.