NFFS Membership Ratifies Revision to Society Bylaws

On Monday, February 10, 2020, the NFFS membership ratified the new revision to the operating bylaws for the Society. The new bylaws are the result of many months of efforts by the Society’s Bylaws Committee in cooperation with the NFFS Board of Directors. 

The primary purpose of the revision is to modernize the bylaws, clearly define voting authorities for different categories of NFFS members, and to generally simplify the language to make the document easier to understand. The membership vote was unanimous in support of adopting the bylaws revision as presented, with no objections. NFFS would like to thank the Bylaws Committee and the Board of Directors for their leadership on this issue, and would also like to thank each of the NFFS members who cast a ballot on the bylaws referendum. 

A copy of the new NFFS bylaws is available on the NFFS website at