NFFS Announces New “NFFS Academy” Online Training Membership Benefit

NFFS is proud to announce a brand-new membership benefit program! On January 4th, 2021 the Society will launch its new “NFFS Academy”, an online educational platform providing technical training programs to foundries and foundry employees. 

NFFS has received multiple requests from its membership to develop additional training programs for foundries, including technical courses, and to offer them in the same foundry-specific format that has made our safety and health training programs so popular. In fact, in our 2020 membership satisfaction survey conducted earlier this year, over 2/3 of NFFS members indicated that they were very or extremely interested in technical training programs related to nonferrous foundry practices, and a whopping 93% indicated their desire for additional online training programs. NFFS has listened, and at the direction of the NFFS Board of Directors, has developed the NFFS Academy.

The NFFS Academy provides immediate access to more than 100+ technical training programs. Additional courses will be added on a regular basis, with more than 20 additional technical programs already identified and scheduled for release in the near future. NFFS members will have access to foundry specific technical content, such as “Aluminum Casting Fundamentals” and “Gating and Risering Basics” for example. Beyond the foundry processing topics, the NFFS Academy will provide training in other fundamental areas such as “Engineering Drawings for Castings” and “Destructive Metallurgical Testing”. There are even courses addressing welding, heat treating, quality assurance/control, industry 4.0 and much, much more. 

There are lots of other online training programs available, why would NFFS create the NFFS Academy? The answer is simple, our training programs use the most state-of-the-art technology, and our foundry specific content is among the best technical content available anywhere. Gone are the old days of boring PowerPoint slides with voice-overs! The NFFS Academy is providing SCROM compliant courses with REAL animation and an interactive and engaging online environment. Training courses will be available as mobile friendly deployments, allowing for student access on their smart phones. Also, new technology will enable the platform to focus the educational content on the areas the student did not perform well in under the pre-course examination. Smart technology provides a better training program experience!

NFFS is already working to develop a ‘New Employee Onboarding’ training program bundle, to help accelerate the velocity with which new employees can be trained to become fully skilled production workers. This will help member foundries to ensure all of the required OSHA, DOL and company specific required training is properly administered, and accurate training records are generated for their personnel files. 

There is another exciting element to the NFFS Academy. NFFS is working with THORS and the University of Akron (UA) to provide certificates of completion issued by the University of Akron. Upon successfully completing a minimum of 10 hours of coursework in the NFFS academy, students will be eligible to sit for a proctored online exam conducted by UA. A passing grade of 80% or better is required, and after passing the final exam a certificate will be issued by UA to the student clearly stating the area of specialization and the number of hours of learning the student has completed. 

In comments made regarding the NFFS Academy, NFFS President Jay Armstrong of Trialco, Inc. stated: “We are excited to announce our partnership with THORS and the University of Akron, and the pending release of our new NFFS Academy.  This is another great example of what makes NFFS so customer-focused. Our membership told us they wanted more access to better online foundry-specific training, and our Board of Directors responded quickly! NFFS believes our new online training platform to be among the best technology available anywhere, and it provides a foundation for future development in other areas such as OSHA and EPA compliance topics. We are looking forward to the release date of January 4 with great anticipation!”