NFFS’ Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON) Program Offers New Features

The Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society’s ICON program is continually evolving as a “Casting Procurement Solution” for the Department of Defense and the metalcasting industry with ambitious technology that focuses on hard to procure parts and tooling, resulting in a strong casting industry base.

The ICON program’s advanced technology helps the foundry industry take on even more defense casting procurement challenges. As part of this technology, ICON has recently delivered the following new features into production.  

1. Messaging Center: The Message Center provides ICON users with the ability to exchange messages and files with other users. ICON organization administrators have access to the Message Center, and they may grant access to other employees in their organizations. A user may attach up to ten individual files to a new message or message reply.

2. NAICS Classifications added to the Supplier Capabilities Search: As part of the Supplier Capabilities search, users now have the ability to drill down into the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to determine the specific classification of supplier that is capable of performing a specific type of casting work. 

3. Search by Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE): The CAGE code is now available as a search field within ICON’s Procurement History module. Many time users are looking for a certain procurement history according to the supplier who has been awarded the specific type of casting work. This new search field is the latest example of how ICON’s creators are responding to user feedback and creating a more intuitive and complete system.

4. Incorporating Social Media: In a effort to keep up with the ever changing social and technological channels used by our audience, ICON is now an active participant on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We encourage you to follow ICON on these channels as we continue to bring you up-to-date information about the program. Links to ICON’s social media pages can be found at