Government Affairs Committee Announces Draft Policy Position Manual

A healthy and vibrant foundry industry is essential to supporting the American economy. Non-ferrous metal castings are a ubiquitous and necessary piece of virtually every modern industry imaginable, such as communications equipment, computers, fluid handling components, medical devices, and defense and military equipment to name just a few. It is important, therefore, for our industry to collectively express its desire for an economy based upon the principles of free enterprise and equal opportunity, without undue or unnecessary regulation by governmental agencies.

Accordingly, the NFFS Government Affairs Committee (GAC) has developed a draft policy position manual to help the NFFS Board of Directors make informed decisions on matters affecting our industry. The policy positions taken by the GAC support the principals of free enterprise and equal opportunity, pursue an agenda of equality, and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that has led our industry for generations. While not comprehensive in all areas, the manual does address a majority of the regulatory topics and economic principals that are sure to affect our industry in the future.

The NFFS GAC policy manual will be presented for approval to the NFFS Board of Directors at the October 16, 2020, board meeting. NFFS members are encouraged to review the draft policy manual HERE, and to provide any feedback or comment to any board member or the NFFS staff ahead of the October 16th meeting. 

NFFS would like to thank the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) for contributing substantially to our policy document, and would like to extend a special thank you to the members of the NFFS Government Affairs Committee who invested a significant amount of time and effort in creating a policy position document that fairly represents our collective industry.