Dust Masks Available for Purchase at NFFS.org through May 31st

According to the CDC, face masks, when used in conjunction with social distancing, provide a minimal level of protection from COVID-19 transmission. However, N-95 respirators and surgical type dust masks are in short supply and can be difficult to locate and purchase at a reasonable price. This has been an ongoing problem for employers, and not just in our industry. Foundries are competing with virtually every other industry, including first responders and the medical community, in trying to obtain safety supplies for their workers and with limited success.

In mid-April, NFFS became aware of one foundry’s existing supply chain for three-pleat surgical type dust masks. Jason Dannenberg, President of Watry Industries and Premier Aluminum, contacted NFFS to let us know that their companies had access to a significant quantity of dusts masks available from their supplier, and wanted to know how they could help NFFS to help others in the industry. Grateful for their offer of assistance, NFFS happily said yes and agreed to work with Watry to make these items available to the NFFS membership. NFFS issued an email to its members advising them on the availability of these dust masks, and in just over five days, NFFS received orders for over 60,000 disposable face masks from nearly two dozen NFFS member foundries who were out of dust masks and needed the supplies to safely continue operations.

Additional quantities of these masks are now available for purchase at cost to ALL foundries and foundry suppliers at www.nffs.org/store through May 31st.