Conveyor Dynamics Corp. Provides Innovative Designs Using Modern Technology

Conveyor Dynamics Corporation has served the mining and minerals processing industry and other manufacturing organizations including foundries since 1981 as a leading conveyor dynamic engineering consultant in the analysis and design of material handling systems and conveyor components. CDC joined the Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society as an Associate Member in 2019. Read below for highlights of the company’s products and services as published in a recent issue of Foundry Management & Technology.

 Innovative Designs
Spring designs have evolved over the years, and yet some manufactures still use 40-year-old designs. Conveyor Dynamics Corporation works closely with different spring manufacturers to develop the best spring for the application. As an example, CDC uses a larger diameter bar with one less coil to achieve the same spring rate as that 40-year-old design. The benefits include reduced stress concentration in the pigtail, longer stroke capabilities and better spacing between the coils for easier access to the spring fasteners. CDC uses contoured cast spring retainers to match the spring profile with serrated seats for better clamping. All these details add up to a better running conveyor with higher up-time. 

Another advantage over the competition is CDC’s dynamically balanced and isolated designs. These designs are superior to crank arm, single mass conveyors by eliminating the risk of vibration transmission. If you’ve ever experienced this problem, you know first-hand the headaches and costs to overcome this phenomenon. Many times the best solution is to take the non-balanced equipment out and replace it with a balanced and isolated design. Even with several tons of embedded steel in the concrete, vibration transmission can still occur. The two critical factors are the water table level and soil conditions, which can vary on the same site. This results in problems in one area in the plant and not in another. Operating factors such as speed, amplitude, and weight also need to be considered. For example, a wide and long mold dump conveyor will have substantially higher dynamic reactions versus a short discharge conveyor, say from a shot blast machine. 

Modern Technology
The Dyna Sync Dynamic Drive System™ is the most advanced vibratory technology worldwide. The dynamically balanced synchronous drive system utilizes patented stabilizers and chrome manganese steel coil springs for optimal efficiency and longevity. The amplitude and speed (up to 1,200 RPM) is variable to easily adjust the travel speed and product flow.  Expensive zero-tolerance bearings, HTD belts, cogged sprockets, eccentric shafts and alignment problems are all eliminated.

Conveyor Dynamics is well recognized as having the best dynamically balanced and isolated designs with installations now in 33 countries.  Customers frequently discover this superior design costs less than a single mass, eccentric shaft driven design, especially when factoring in the installation time and foundation costs of non-balanced designs. CDC makes a wide range of vibratory equipment that varies from dropping 6,000 lb. loads of scrap metal 6 ft. onto three furnace charge conveyors at Waupaca Foundry to separating 50,000 surgical gloves/hour on stainless steel finger decks for a major medical supplier. On average we ship daily to the foundry, mining, recycling, waste, bulk material, medical, and food industries.