NFFS Technical Resources

NFFS provides meaningful and targeted technical support to the non-ferrous foundry industry. Below are some of the most commonly requested technical resources available from NFFS:


Technical Design Guides - A collection of design guides and alloy reference materials for Aluminum and Brass/Bronze Alloy families. These are the cornerstone of any non-ferrous foundry technical library.

Metal Matrix Composites - Below are several items addressing advanced technologies in metal matrix composites for foundries:

  • Introduction to Metal Matrix Composites for Foundries (article) - A good primer article to assist foundries with understanding metal matrix composite materials, and the advantages and disadvantages they have versus traditional non-composite metal alloys.

  • Metal Matrix Composite Research Program - In 2011, NFFS partnered with M Cubed Technologies Inc. to perform research entitled "Advanced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites for Sand and Investment Casting Applications". This program was part of the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC), funded in 2011 by the Defense Logistics Agency. The focus of the study was to investigate non-traditional methods of material manufacture for aluminum metal matrix composite materials with up to 55% loading of the silicon carbine reinforcement materials. The results of this research program are available here. 


Body of Knowledge - A complete directory of all available technical resources organized by topic.  *COMING SOON*