Board of Directors

The general supervision, direction and control of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in the Board of Directors, to be comprised of representatives of member companies in good standing. This Board alone shall determine the Society's policies or changes therein within the limits of the bylaws, shall actively prosecute its purposes and mission, and shall direct the collection and disbursement of its funds.

Jay Armstrong, President
Jay Armstrong is President of Trialco, a primary and secondary aluminum smelter located in the south suburbs of Chicago. 
Committees: Executive, Bylaws, Finance, Membership (Chair), Nominating, Planning
Term Expires: 2022
Andrew Iannettoni, Vice President
Andrew Iannettoni is a Foundry Technical Engineer at The Ford Meter Box Company, a manufacturer of products for the waterworks industry, headquartered in Wabash, Indiana. Andrew is also currently serving on the board of the Foundry Educational Foundation.
Committees: Executive, Audit, Bylaws, Finance (Chair), Planning, Next-Gen, Scholarship (Chair)
Term Expires: 2023
Rolf Gretschmann, Treasurer
Rolf Gretschmann is President of Standard Manufacturers Services, Ltd., a vertically-integrated manufacturer of aluminum castings located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Committees: Executive, Bylaws, Finance, Planning
Term Expires: 2024
Chris Shanks, Immediate Past President
Chris Shanks is Senior Vice President & General Manager of The Ford Meter Box Company, a manufacturer of products for the waterworks industry headquartered in Wabash, Indiana. 
Committees: Executive (Chair), Audit, Bylaws (Chair), Finance, Nominating, Planning (Chair), Program, Scholarship
Term Expires: 2020
James Dee, Director
James (Jim) Dee is the Chief Financial Officer of Trialco,  a primary and secondary aluminum smelter located in the south suburbs of Chicago.
Committees: Finance
Term Expires: 2023
Cathy Dolan, Director
Cathy Dolan is President and Owner of Calumet Brass Foundry, a family owned and operated brass foundry in Dolton, Illinois.
Committees: Government Affairs, Membership
Term Expires: 2021
Chris Greenfield, Director
Chris Greenfield is Vice President at The Federal Metal Company, a scrap metal recycler and brass/bronze ingot manufacturer located in Bedford, Ohio.
Committees: Government Affairs (Chair)
Term Expires: 2022
Dan Horvath, Director
Dan Horvath works as General Manager at Brost Foundry Company, a manufacturer of aluminum and copper alloy sand castings located in Cleveland, Ohio.
Committees: Next-Gen
Term Expires: 2023
Paul Leitelt, Director
Paul Leitelt is President of Leitelt Bros. Inc., a family owned and operated aluminum, brass and bronze sand casting foundry located in Chicago.
Committees: Membership
Term Expires: 2023
John Mellone, Director
John Mellone is Vice President at Beck Aluminum, one of the largest distributors of primary aluminum alloys in North America located in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland.
Committees: Executive, Bylaws, Finance, Program (Chair)
Term Expires: 2025
Allen Meskan, Director
Allen Meskan is the owner of Meskan Foundry, a 4th generation, family owned, non-ferrous casting facility located in Chicago since 1907.
Committees: TBD
Term Expires: 2021
George Mugford, Director
George Mugford is President and COO at Bunting Bearings LLC, one of the largest producers of bronze bearings in the United States, headquartered in Holland, Ohio.
Committees: Executive, Audit, Bylaws, Finance (Chair), Planning, Scholarship (Chair)
Term Expires: 2020
Jason Mugford, Director
Jason Mugford is the Controller at Bunting Bearings LLC, one of the largest producers of bronze bearings in the United States, headquartered in Holland, Ohio. 
Committees: Audit, Finance, Next-Gen (Chair)
Term Expires: 2022
Tad Olson, Director
Tad Olson is President of Olson Aluminum Castings, an aluminum sand casting foundry located in Rockford, Illinois.
Committees: TBD
Term Expires: 2023
Andy Renkey, Director
Andy Renkey is the President of Harmony Castings and TPi Arcade, two V-process aluminum casting foundries located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York.
Committees: Government Affairs, Scholarship
Term Expires: 2023
Lala Romero, Director
Lala Romero is the Brass Sales Manager, Copper Alloy Division at Sipi Metals Corp., a manufacturer of copper-based ingot located in Chicago. 
Committees: Membership, Next-Gen
Term Expires: 2023
Chip Shamburg, Director
Chip Shamburg is President of Erie Bronze & Aluminum, a foundry specializing in non-ferrous bronze sand castings used in various industrial applications, located in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Committees: Executive, Finance
Term Expires: 2020
Karen Strelitz, Director
Karen Strelitz is Executive Vice President and CFO at California Metal-X, a brass and bronze ingot manufacturer, smelter, and recycler located in Los Angeles, California.
Committees: Scholarship
Term Expires: 2023
Bill Surman, Director
Bill Surman works as Vice President, Sales at I. Schumann & Company, a recycler and manufacturer of copper ingot and pellets, located in Bedford, Ohio.
Committees: Bylaws, Government Affairs
Term Expires: 2022
Len Weber, Director
Len Weber is President & COO of Batesville Products Inc., a fully integrated provider of machined and finished aluminum and zinc alloy castings located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
Committees: Scholarship
Term Expires: 2023
Daniel Westhoff, Director
Daniel Westhoff is Plant Manager at Midland Manufacturing Company, a 4th generation, family-owned, brass, bronze and aluminum foundry in Fort Worth, Texas.
Committees: Next-Gen
Term Expires: 2023